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Access Control

Let the Right People In and Keep the Wrong People Out

Reliable access control system is a necessity for almost every commercial and industrial facility. It’s a smart keyless way to protect your building and assets from theft and unauthorized access.

An access control system controls employee flow throughout a facility. The system can automatically unlock the areas which are supposed to be accessible during the business hours and keep locked those areas for employees with limited access. Each employee has an individual credential which can be easily modified or restricted. In addition, access control system helps to provide protection against terrorism (for example, a locking door system in a school).

First Guard Access Control systems let you eliminate keys; create access rules based on time, day and individual; automate door locking and unlocking functions; generate audit trails and much more.  Our solutions range from small to large and basic to complex. From a single door, to hundreds of doors across multiple locations, all our access control solutions are scalable and can grow with your business

First Guard will design a custom access control system that increases the safety and security of your people and facility.  Plus, our Access Control Systems can be managed remotely on any PC or mobile device.

Let First Guard provide the access control system you need.

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