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Commercial Fire Systems

Experienced Fire Protection for Your Business

There are many potential hazards that can cause a fire inside and outside of a business. First Guard designs, engineers and installs UL Approved fire detection systems that comply with current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code standards, as well as state and local fire authorities requirements.

We offer an on-site survey followed by a custom designed fire alarm solution that covers everything from sprinkler monitoring to complex life-safety systems. Our solutions consist of addressable detection and full building notification.

When it comes to the monitoring of fire protection systems, response time is critical. Detecting a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping damage to a minimum. But what if a fire occurs and there is no one on the scene to respond? That’s why our services include 24/7 professional monitoring.

Fire System Testing
Fire alarm systems are meant to protect people, property, and assets. But is your system fully functional? With proper testing, inspection, and maintenance you can keep your fire alarm system at optimum operating performance.

First Guard offers full inspection, testing and maintenance service for any property that requires certification. All our technicians are qualified to test your system and equipment to ensure it is in working order and that it complies with all regulations.

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems
In addition, First Guard is an expert in Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS). Required by code, we will design, install and maintain a code compliant and state-of-the-art system customized for your building. This system will connect with the first responders that will give the fire department full radio communication throughout the building. 

Let First Guard provide the fire protection system, testing and maintenance you need.

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