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No Doorman? No Problem. Receive Packages Securely

What if your facility or building does not have a doorman and you are expecting a package but not at home? No problem with e-doorman from First Guard. We provide safe, secure package delivery service with our e-doorman system.

Here is how it works. The delivery person with a package presses the e-doorman button on the intercom. This sends an alert to our 24/7 Central Station and creates a video and audio connection between the delivery person and the monitoring center.

First Guard determines through video and verbal verification that it is a valid delivery. We then grant access by remotely releasing the front door lock. The delivery person enters the building and deposits the packages at the designated area. Once delivery is made, First Guard sends e-mail or text message notifications to tenants that a package has been received.

Let First Guard provide e-doorman service for safe, secure package delivery.

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